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Part one   句子:


1. 共有几位客人?

译:How many people are there in your party

2. 我们已经为您预订一张6点半的餐台。

译:We have reserved a table for you at 6:30.

3. 请问您在我们餐厅有预订吗?

译:Do you have a reservation with us?

4. 早餐的供应时间是7点到9点。

译:Breakfast will be served from 7:00 to 9:00.

5. 对不起,这张桌子已经有客人预订了。

译:Sorry, this table has been reserved.

6. 请问您有什么特殊要求?

译:Do you have any special needs?

7. 角落的位子怎样?

译:How about a seat in the corner?

8. 这张桌子可以吗?

译:Will this table be all right for you?


译:The private room is ready now, sir.

10. 您是要坐吸烟区还是非吸烟区?

译:Would you like smoking area or non-smoking area?

11. 包间的最低消费是800元。

译:For a private room, there is a minimum charge of 800 Yuan.

12. 请您在休息室里稍等一下,一有桌子我们就会安排您入座。

译:Could you wait for a moment in the lounge, pleaseWe’ll seat you as soon as we have a table.

13. 先生,您的桌子已经准备好了。请随我来。

译:Your table is ready now, sir. Please come with me.

14. 这是菜单,服务员随后就到。

译:Here is the menu. The waiter will be with you in a moment.

15. 这是菜单和酒水单。

译:Here is the menu and the wine list.

16. 请问您现在可以点菜了吗?

译:Are you ready to order now?                    

17. 中国有四大菜系,分别是川菜,粤菜,鲁菜和江浙菜。

译:In China, there are four major cuisines, that is, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong and Jiangsu-Zhejiang cuisine.

18. 这是您的账单,请您过目。

译:Here’s your bill. Please check it.

19. 广东菜比较清淡而川菜的口味就比较重。

译:Guangdong cuisine is light while Sichuan cuisine tastes strong.

20. 您想尝尝我们的招牌菜吗?

译:Would you like to try our specialty?

21. 我们的大厨很棒。

译:We have an excellent chef.

22. 我这就去和厨师商量。

译:I’ll speak with the chef right away.

23. 烤鸭大概需要半个小时。

译:Roast duck may take half an hour.

24. 你想喝点儿什么,先生?

译:What would you like to drink, sir?

25. 请签上您的姓名和房间号码。

译:Please sign your name and room number here.

26. 干白葡萄酒是按瓶卖的。

译:The dry white wine is sold by bottle.

27. 你们有什么牌子的啤酒?

译:What brands of beer do you have?

28. 如果您还有其他需要,请您随时告诉我们。我们很乐意为您效劳。

译:If you like to have something else, just feel free to ask. We are always at your service.

29. 您点的菜上齐了。请慢用。

译:That’s everything you ordered. Please enjoy your meal.

30. 恐怕您点的菜太多了。

译:I’m afraid you have ordered too much.

31. 我能帮您换一下盘子吗?

译:May I take your plate, please?

32. 您还要再添米饭吗?

译:Would you like some more rice?

33. 您想要点开胃菜或汤吗?

译:Would you like an appetizer or soup?

34. 您想要什么主菜呢?

译:What would you like for the main course?

35. 您要一瓶红葡萄酒配牛排吗?

译:Would you like a bottle of red wine to go with your steak?


译:Excuse me, sir. Here’s your steak. Please enjoy it.

37. 很抱歉,请多等一会。我们会尽快给您上菜。

译:I’m really sorry. Please wait a few more minutes. I’ll bring the food to you as soon as possible.

38. 您的菜上齐了,甜点稍后上。

译:This is a complete course. There is the dessert to follow.

39. 我想来杯加冰的威士忌。

译:I’d like a glass of whisky on the rocks.

40. 先生,您总共消费856元。

译:It comes to 856 Yuan, sir.

41. 牛排做得太老了。

译:The steak is as tough as leather.

42. 非常抱歉,还有什么可以为您效劳吗?

译:I do apologize. Is there anything else I can do for you?

43. 请问您要如何付账?

译:How would you like to pay?

44. 是现金付账,还是信用卡付账?

译:Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card?

45. 是一起买单还是分开买单呢?

译:Would you like to pay one bill or separate bills?


1. We are looking forward to serving you.


2. I want a table with a view of the river.


3. How late do you stay open?


4. I’m sorry, sir. There’s no vacant table for the moment.


5. I’m sorry, sir. There aren’t any tables left for 7 this evening.


6. I’m afraid that we can only guarantee a table before 8:00 this evening.


7. We’ll give you a 20% discount.


8. In whose name was the reservation made


9. Would you come this way please?


10. This table is too close to the kitchen. Can we move to another table?


11. Our restaurant is full now. We might be able to seat you in 20 minutes.


12. Here’s the menu. Please take your time and a waiter will come to take your order.


13. We’d like a variety of typical Chinese foods.


14. Please arrange a 500 Yuan menu for the five of us.


15. What are your specialties?


16.The characteristics of Sichuan food are its strong local flavorwhich is spicy and hot.


17. What kind of cold dishes have you got?


18. I’m terribly sorry. The dish will be replaced immediately.


19. You can choose some snacks from the trolley.


20. The specialty of Sweet and Sour Pork is crispy.


21. I’m afraid we do not serve this dish in our restaurant. May I recommend something else?


22. How would you like your prawn prepared?


23. I would like to suggest steaming the fish to remain its freshness.


24. May I recommend sauteed shrimp with green peas?


25. Our restaurant specializes in Guangdong cuisine.


26. May I repeat your order, sir?


27. Please rush our orders as we are in a hurry.


28. Would you like anything else?


29. Would you like buffet or a la carte?


30. May I recommend the chef’s salad?


31. How would you like the steak? Medium, medium well or well-done?


32. What would you like to go with your steak?


33. Would you like some desserts?


34. Would you like to try our special drinks?


35. I’d like to try some Chinese spirits.


36. Cocktails are available, such as Martini, Manhattan, Gin & Tonic. Which do you prefer?


37. Straight up or on the rocks?

译: 加不加冰?

38. May I open the bottle for you now?


39. A 10% service charge has been added to the total.


40. Sorry, I’ll make it clear and inform you as soon as possible.


41. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


42. Go along the corridor and the restroom is on your left.


43. Please pay the bill at the cashier’s desk.


44. Could you please sign here, sir?


45. Is everything to your satisfaction?


Part two    情景应答:

1. QIf the guest wants to reserve a table, what information do you have to know?

AI have to know the time for reservation, the number of guests, the name of the guest, his telephone number, special needs and so on.

2. QWhat would you like to say to the guest who walks into your restaurant for dinner?

  AWelcome to our restaurant. Do you have a reservation?

3. QIf you are a hostess, what’s the first thing you have to find out when the guest comes?

AI have to find out whether the guest has a reservation or not.

4. QWhat would you like to say if the guest wants a table that has been reserved?

AI’m sorry, sir. That table has been reserved, but would you like to have the table over there?

5. QWhat would you like to say if the guest wants to know the business hours in your restaurant?

  AWe’re open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

6. QBefore taking orders for the guest, what should you usually offer?

AI should offer the menu and the wine list.

7. QHow would you introduce your restaurant to the guest?

AI would tell the guest the business hours, the specialties, the popular dishes and so on.

8. QWhat would you like to say when you want to take order for the guest?

AMay I take your order now?

9. QWhat would you like to say when you want to recommend something to the guest?

AMay I recommend…? / How about…? / Why not try our…? / Would you like to try?

10. QWhat do you need to do after the guest has finished ordering

AI need to repeat all his orders to confirm the orders with the guest.

11. QAfter you have finished the orders, what would you like to say?

AThank you. Please wait a minute, we’ll be back soon with your orders.

12. QWhat would you like to say to the guest when all the dishes have been served?

AThat should be all you ordered. Enjoy your meal.

13. QIf the guest wants to smoke in the non-smoking area, what would you like to say?

AI am sorry there is no smoking here, but if you like, there is a smoking area.

14. QWhat would you like to say if the guest asks for the dish that has been sold out?

AI am sorry that is not available, but would you like to try…?

15. QWhat would you like to say to the guest if you recommend your house specialty

AWould you like to try our house specialty? It’s very popular among our guests.

16. Q:What would you like to say when the guest has been waiting for a long time?

AI’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

17. QWhat would you like to say when you want to know whether the guest is happy with his meal?

AIs everything to your satisfaction? / How was everything?

18. Q:What would you like to say when the guest orders a cup of coffee?

AWould you like black coffee or white coffee? / Would you like your coffee with cream or milk?

19. QWhat would you like to say when you recommend special drinks to the guest?

AWould you like to try our special drinks?

20. QWhat would you like to say when the guest asks “Where can I have cocktail?”

AWe serve cocktails in the lobby bar.

21. QWhat would you like to say if the guest asks for a steak?

AHow would you like your steak, medium, medium well or well-done?

22. QWhat will you do when the guest tells you that there’s something wrong with the bill?

AI will check it with the guest carefully. If there is a mistake , I must make an apology to the guestand then bring the bill to the cashier’s desk to correct it.

23. QWhat is the most important thing that you need to do when the hotel guest would like to charge his bill to his room?

AI must ask the guest to show his room card.

24. QHow can you know the method of payment that the guest would like to choose

AHow would you like to pay, sir?

25. QWhat will you say to the guest when he is leaving the restaurant?

AThank you for your coming. / We are looking forward to serving you again.


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